Former CUBM Teacher is Making a Difference at Grove City College: Dr. Todd Allen

Dr. Todd Allen taught the Civil Rights class at CUBM He left to teach at Grove City college.



Dr. Todd Allen, professor of communications studies, is making a difference in the classroom at Grove City College and beyond.

Allen teaches courses in persuasion, rhetoric, culture and communication, civil rights/public memory and crisis communications, but his work as an educator isn’t limited to the classroom.

In 2006 he founded The Common Ground Project, a community based non-profit group dedicated to promoting an understanding of the Civil Rights Movement, and for more than a decade, in partnership with the PNC Foundation, he’s led an annual “Returning to the Roots of Civil Rights” bus tour, which visits many key Southern sites of the movement’s history.

“Unfortunately for many, the civil rights movement is a chapter of history that has received minimal coverage at best in their educational experience,” Allen said. “I view my teaching as a bridge between the past and the present historical moment in hopes that we will learn what it means to live together as sisters and brothers.”

Allen said there is power in going to the places where this history happened, which often includes interacting with the veterans of this historic struggle for freedom.

“Being present in these places with those who lived this history brings these stories of the past to life in a very unique and compelling way,” he said. “In remembering these sites and people we remember that we too in this present day have an obligation to make this nation a better place for future generations.”

Allen is a great example of how Grove City College faculty combine academic excellence and a passion for making the world a better place. To learn more, visit