Pastors and Churches

By God’s design, the Church is central to His kingdom. And at CUBM, where transformed lives and a transformed community are the aim, churches and pastors play an important role in the success of the students and the school. CUBM enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with many urban churches and pastors. They prove to be a valuable resource to CUBM in many ways. Student support through personal counsel and continued encouragement of students both in school and as they pursue further education and careers is important to their success. School support through their continued interaction with CUBM as teachers, speakers, and advisors is a vital component for CUBM realizing its vision of the transformation of urban communities through leadership in the churches and business our students provide.

We invite pastors and church leaders to consider CUBM as a source of education and join with us in our mission of transformation through education.

Contact the school for more information at 412-247-9010.

Pastoral Reference Form