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26.* REFERENCES:  List two people who can give witness to your Christian character, academic preparation, and ministry effectiveness.

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Entrance Application Essay

Relating to you as a person and fostering your academic success are two of our primary objectives.  To aid significantly in meeting these relational and academic objectives, please answer the following short answer essay questions.

• Each short essay should contain 4- 6 sentences

• The essays are not to be an autobiography; please thoughtfully answer the questions below.


1.* What is your motivation for specifically entering the Center for Urban Biblical Ministry program?


2.* Tell us something of your own life experience as it relates to the overall curriculum content and your perspective on how you might share this experience in a class interaction.


3.* What are your strengths as they relate to your educational goals?

Our desire is to relate to you as a person and to have an early indication of how we can best enhance your writing skills for both the requirements of the Center for Urban Biblical Ministry program as well as other life activities.

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