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The Center for Urban Biblical Ministry was born out of a need to provide formal education and credential for church ministers and lay leaders in 1988. Geneva College in Beaver Falls shared our vision for the urban population of Pittsburgh and collaborated with CUBM to develop an associate degree program. In 2019, The Center for Urban Biblical Ministry became Geneva Pittsburgh.

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Community Leadership

Students in this program will be better equipped to serve their places of employment, their communities, their churches, and their families as they gain insights into developing and leading organizations and institutions of various types for the common good of the Pittsburgh region and beyond, and for the Kingdom of Christ

Graduates can attain positions within the broader areas of human services and social work, community development and redevelopment, community organizations, church and parachurch ministry, local government and other government agencies, and workplace chaplaincy; the degree focus is broad enough to provide a good foundation for employees in any type of business to function in their workplace with integrity and a good work ethic

Degree also provides a great foundation for graduate work in areas such as social work, human services, community development, urban planning, vocational ministry, and political science

Associates of Art in Christian Ministry

Many believers enter into ministry without formal training and little biblical studies. The associate degree in Christian ministry equips students with basic biblical and academic skills to heighten their ability to serve or work in local churches or organizations.
Program Requirements Worksheet (download pdf)

Associates of Science in Leadership

In the fall of 2013, Geneva College at CUBM developed an associate degree in leadership. This program equips the interested student for leadership and further studies in the 21st century and assist each student in developing a relevant, working leadership philosophy that each student can apply to any future leadership position, secular or faith-based.
Program Requirements Worksheet (download pdf)

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