Financial Aid Resources

Financial Aid Resources

Here you will find the resources you need to understand the funding that is available to help meet the expenses that are involved. Having a full knowledge of the Financial Aid process is integral to making the most of the assistance available. Timely application for financial assistance is the first step to financing an education. The purpose of Financial Aid is to assist the student when circumstances limit the student’s ability to contribute toward the total tuition cost.

Completing all the necessary steps to receive financial assistance takes time and preparation. Our Admissions/Financial Aid counselors are available to help you every step of the way.

Many organizations offer general information about financial aid and often include tools and tips for following the financial aid process.

Listed below are some free financial aid websites:

  • You Can Deal With It
  • FinAid: This site has excellent information for new students about financial aid
  • A counseling session is required before the disbursement of funds. You can complete this online using your FAFSA Pin Number at