Transforming Communities through Faith-based Education and Leadership Training

Providing education for effective leadership, community service, and social
change. CUBM also provides accredited Bible-based degree programs granted
by Geneva College.


Associate's Degree Programs

Christian Ministry - Get equipped to serve effectively in a local church or ministry organization with basic biblical and academic skills related to ministry.

Leadership - Develop a relevant, working leadership philosophy that can be applied to any future leadership position, in the marketplace or in the local church or Christian organization.

Human Services - Equip yourself to develop effective communication skills as well as knowledge to understand and contribute effectively to the development and maintenance of healthy communities, groups, and individuals. This program will be offered beginning in the Fall semester of 2025.

Bachelor's Degree Program

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Community Leadership program is a cohort-based experienc designed for working adults seeking degree completion. It is the first bachelor's degree offered at the Center for Urban Biblical Ministry / Geneva College Pittsburgh.

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Our Executive Director

Helen Jackson

CUBM begins with a vision to equip students to further Christ’s kingdom and transform society for the glory of God.

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